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Can you provide the Cannabis Insurance programs in all provinces?

Yes we can provide the programs in all provinces and provide the custom forms specific to business.

Why do I need Cannabis Insurance?

You will need to obtain policies that will cover you for a financial loss dues to a property loss or due to a liability loss on your premise and for a products loss due to the consumption of a product you have provided to the public. In short, proper coverage will keep you in business and protect your people, property and investment.

What is the most important insurance coverage I should buy?

Products Liability policy is one of the most important policies you should buy. This policy will cover you in the event of a loss due to your product. The most important aspect of this coverage is it will provide you with defense costs outside your policy limit for any legal fees due a loss or suit brought against you.

Can I cover my laboratory for professional services provided?

Yes, you can cover your professional services with a Professional Liability policy.

Can I cover my products for Product Recall?

Yes, there is a policy that can provide product recall coverage in the event their is a recall.

Can I cover my equipment if it breaks down?

Yes, there is a policy that will cover you in the event your equipment breaks down and it will also cover any income lost due to the breakdown of that equipment.

Can I cover a loss if my clients personal information is stolen?

Yes, there is a policy that can provide first party and third party losses in case the information is stolen.

Can I cover my stock & inventory while it is in transit?

Yes, you can buy coverage that will cover the inventory while in transit.

Can I cover my liability if an employee is using their own vehicle for my business purposes?

Yes you can buy a coverage that will cover you for non-owned auto liability and also hired auto liability.

Can I purchase coverage for my building if I am the landlord with a cannabis tenant?

Yes you can purchase coverage for your building that includes both the property coverage and the liability coverage.

Can I purchase coverage to cover my Board Of Directors?

Yes, you can purchase a Director’s and Officer’s policy that will cover your Board for their fiduciary responsibility.

Can I cover my employees if they are hurt on the job?

Yes, you can purchase Worker’s Compensation coverage to cover an injured employee!

Do I have to cover my sub-contractors for liability and worker's compensation?

That will depend on your provincial laws, what type of sub-contractor agreement you have with them, and in what capacity they work for you.

Can I cover armored transportation of money or products inventory?

Yes you can buy a policy that will cover the armored car exposure.

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